Rubber floors



  • Our rubber floors are ideal for places with high traffic areas such as public transportation facilities, shopping malls, theaters, movie theaters, etc.

  • Made from top-quality rubber compounds, our floors are formulated to deliver durability and comfort. They strongly resist aging and can withstand temperatures ranging from 0°-70° C (32°-158° F). In addition, our flooring is tough and flexible and has both insulation and anti-slip properties.

  • Our flooring products come in several different designs including circles, squares, honeycomb, and striated. They feature a snip to fit design and are very easy to clean.

  • Our flooring can made with or without textile insertion and is available from stock in black, or it can be made to order in other colors.


  • Our highly durable flooring is recommended for use in public transportation facilities (i.e., bus and train stations, ship terminals, etc.), factories, restaurants, airports, movie theaters, auditoriums, department stores, self-service stores, and any places with high volume traffic.

  • In addition, special formulations of our flooring can be used for electrical cabinets, packing plants, laboratories, tracks, and petrochemical facilities.


Our flooring products are made of nitrile rubber, which offers high resistance to blood, fats, animal and vegetable wastes, oils, grease, gasoline, paint thinner, solvents and petroleum-based products.


We also manufacture special 6 mm-thick dielectric flooring, which resists up to 36,000 volts. This flooring is available in gray and black.