Galgo Partners with Clean Industry Initiative

Galgo is very proud of our ongoing commitment to act as a socially responsible company in the areas of environmental preservation and conservation. Our dedication to maintaining compliance with applicable state environmental regulations across all aspects of our company, in conjunction with the improvements we continually make to our quality management systems with respect to safety, industrial hygiene, and environmental management, have made us a role model in the industry. As a result of our efforts, Galgo has been invited to partner with the Hidalgo State Government, and other industries located along the Tula-Tepeji corridor, in the National Environmental Audit Program, an effort help reduce and reverse the damage and negative environmental impacts in that area. The Tula-Tepeji corridor has been recognized as an area experiencing a high level of negative environmental impact, pollution, and damages to the ecosystem, and requires action from the local industries to help reverse this situation. Therefore, the Federal Government, together with state and local authorities, has implemented the Clean Industry Certification to recognize companies who demonstrate that they can be productive in their industry while also implementing and practicing effective environmental and health and safety standards designed to make a positive impact on the welfare of the environment and the surrounding community.

Back in early August 2015, an external audit was conducted which confirmed that Galgo’s business and production processes were in compliance with the required standards for environmental sustainment, and we remain confident that our efforts over the past year will once again show the strong commitment we have to the clean industry effort. Just this past May, Galgo participated in our first reforestation campaign and proudly donated 30 trees which were planted in the Atitalaquia Municipality with the help of 57 Galgo employees and family members who happily committed 171 hours of volunteer time to this effort.