Galgo in the North American Tire & Retread Expo

Pre-Q Galgo participated in the North American Tire & Retread Expo (NATRE) held from April 19-21, 2016 in New Orleans, LA. The exhibition featured tire retreading materials, new tire manufacturers, recycling equipment, accessories, and various services related to the American tire industry. During the expo, Pre-Q Galgo introduced two new tire sizes for Regional Service application with the All Position Regional (APR) tread design, thus expanding their product line to nine sizes ranging in width from 190mm to 270mm (74” to 105”). The APR tread design is one of the best options because it provides great mileage during medium and long-haul trips, excellent traction, and low rolling resistance.

Pre-Q Galgo also introduced a new OTread size stemming from its Versa Tread (VT) line. The VT product line now features three sizes ranging in width from 470mm to 610mm (184”-240 inches”). This tread provides excellent traction and self-cleaning due to its rock ejectors. Additional highlights of the NATRE event were the Miss Retread Tire and the Mr. OTR Radial Retread Tire Contests. The Miss Retread Contest awarded the top three companies who featured the most beautiful retreaded precured and mold cured truck and bus radial (TBR) tires produced for commercial use, while the Mr. OTR Radial Retread Tire Contest awarded the top company who featured the most beautiful OTR retreaded tire. The Mr. OTR Contest was open to all OTR radial retread tires up to 25 inches, and both precured and mold cured retreaded tires produced for commercial OTR use and sale were eligible to compete. Judging for both contests took place on April 20, 2016, and Pre-Q Galgo’s Vice President, Mr. Eduardo Nava, gratefully accepted the opportunity to serve as one of the judges for the Miss Retread contest. Pre-Q Galgo was honored to be represented by having its rubber products used in the retread designs of three of the contest participants, and extends their congratulations to the following individuals: Mike Berra with Community Tire Retreading, Bob and Rob Majewski with Sumerel Tire, and Jordan Hiemspra and Earl Kemps with Wonderland Tire Company. Mike Berra Jr. from Community Tire Retreading, who featured a 20.5 R25 mold cure tire using OTR Pre-Q Galgo Premium Strip Compound, was the winner of The Mr. OTR Retread Tire Contest, and received a prize of $5,000.

The Pre-Q Galgo sales team and technicians are proud to provide products such as this which help customers achieve the best quality retread possible.