Pre-Q Galgo attends Colfecar Expo in Colombia

This past September 13-15th, Pre-Q Galgo participated in the 42nd International Cargo Transportation and Logistic Congress (Colfecar Expo), held in Barranquilla, Colombia.  This event features exhibitors who showcase state-of-the-art products, technology, and services that feature innovative advances designed to optimize operating costs for the transportation industry.

Attendance at this year’s event was strong and included participants from the Colombian retreading network that comprises the cities of Bogotá, Duitama, Ibagué, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Cartagena, Cali, Eje Cafetero, Neiva, Pasto, Medellín, and Bucaramanga.

Such great participation allowed Pre-Q Galgo representatives to gather valuable market feedback and gain a better understand the needs of today’s consumers.

Pre-Q Galgo is well known in Colombia and worldwide for its innovative and high quality products and services, and has earned a level of respect that few other companies in the retreading market can claim.  During the expo, the company introduced some of their new retreading products including the Galgo Rounded Shoulder Light (GRL), the All Position Regional Light (APL), and the Metropolitan Bus (MB) tread designs. These state of the art designs are an excellent choice for consumers because they offer considerable fuel savings and improved mileage.

GALGO participates in 2017 Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo

Galgo, leading Mexican manufacturer in the tire retreading industry, once again participated in the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo, held in Panama City from June 14-16, 2017.

The primary focus of this highly regarded event is to gather tire industry leaders and provide them with an opportunity to not only showcase their products and services, but to also connect with current customers and attract new customers from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Galgo has participated as an exhibitor since 2013, and each year has proudly showcased a wide variety of their top quality and most innovative products. At this year’s event, Galgo displayed a number of new tread designs to include the All Position Regional Light (APL), the Galgo Rounded Shoulder Light (GRL), and the Trailer Three Ribs (TTR) treads for regional application, in addition to the Metropolitan Bus (MB) tread for urban application, and the Super Single Rib Light (SRL) tread for highway application.

Out of the all tread designs presented by Galgo at the show, the featured design was the GRL, which recently earned SmartWay certification. This state-of-the-art design offers lower rolling resistance, which reduces mileage and contributes to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

During the three-day expo, Galgo representatives also took the opportunity to personally meet with clients from countries including Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, México, and Peru. It is through this level of dedication to building strong relationships with their customers, as well as their ongoing commitment to producing high quality products, that Galgo continues to be regarded worldwide, as a leader in the tire retreading industry.

GALGO expands its SmartWay line with new GRL tread design

Galgo’s Rounded Shoulder Light (GRL) tread design, is the latest in their line of high quality products to receive SmartWay certification.  This certification signifies that Galgo’s design is EPA approved and CARB compliant, and adheres to the necessary technological requirements defined by the California Air Resources Board.

Available through Galgo’s PRE-Q product line, the GRL tread design is available in five sizes and has several advantages when compared to other tread designs.  A primary feature is its ability to consume less energy when rolling, which reduces heat production and ultimately decreases rolling resistance.   This, in turn, lessens fuel consumption which helps reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Through the development of products such as the GRL tread and a variety of other SmartWay certified designs, Galgo continues to show their full support and commitment to promoting better air quality and helping care for the environment.


GALGO introduces new tread designs at the 2017 Monterrey Expo

This past May 24-26th, Galgo was once again proud to be a part of Expo Proveedores del Transporte – Expo Remolques y Carrocerías at Cintermex, in Monterrey Nuevo Leon.  Each year, organizers of this event work hard to bring together those in the transportation and cargo industries, and host exhibitors who manufacture some of the world’s most innovative, top quality vehicles and products.

During the expo, Galgo introduced several tread designs including their new Super Single Rib Light (SRL) tread, the All Position Regional Light (APL) tread, the Trailer Three Ribs (TTR) tread, the Metropolitan Bus (MB) tread, and the Galgo Rounded Shoulder Light (GRL) tread.


Galgo’s GRL tread design is worth highlighting because of its low rolling resistance and decreased fuel consumption.  These features not only result in cost savings to the consumer, but also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded the GRL tread SmartWay certification, which recognizes products and services that incorporate environmentally friendly technologies and favor the protection of the planet.

Through the development of high quality, innovative products such as the GRL tread and a variety of other SmartWay certified designs, Galgo continues to show their full support and commitment to helping lower costs to the consumer while promoting better air quality and helping care for the environment. In addition, Galgo will continue to participate in important events such as these and will work hard to develop cutting-edge, environmentally friendly products for consumers in the transportation industry.

Galgo Earns Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake Certification

Galgo earned the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) certification for six of their Winter Range tread designs.  The 3PMSF certification is a symbol of excellence, and is only awarded to those retreading brands that meet winter performance requirements and have successfully passed approval tests established by the ECE – 109R Annex 10 of the European Union Regulation.  Tires that have received the 3PMSF certification are branded on the side with the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol shown below.

Galgo’s PRE-Q brand product line features a collection of reliable winter treads that are designed to perform well under extreme conditions such as ice or snow.  Galgo’s six certified winter tread designs that received an excellent rating for grip and traction include:

  • Winter Regional Drive (WRD)
  • Winter Grove Traction (WGT)
  • Nordic (NRD)
  • Mud and Snow (MS)
  • Bus and Coach (B&C)
  • Super Single Trailer Construction (STC)


The 3PMSF certification applies to all tread sizes available in Galgo´s PRE-Q winter tread product line.

Galgo Introduces Trailer Three Ribs (TTR) Tread Design

In an effort to continually meet the needs of the retreading market and satisfy its customers, Galgo has launched the new Pre-Q brand Trailer Three Ribs (TTR) tread design.  This tread is available in a width of 8 5/8” (219 mm) and a depth of 20/32” (15.9 mm), and is designed for regional application.

The TTR tread is an excellent retreading option because it provides a wide range of road contact  which results in improved mileage, increased safety, and gives vehicle operators a greater sense of confidence.

The outstanding features of the TTR tread include the wavy ribs rim which provides greater stability, deep channels and walls staggered angle which facilitate higher performance, and the lightly rounded shoulder design that results in less drag resistance thus making this tread design ideal for bare shaft regional application.


Galgo Launches Metropolitan Bus (MB) Tread Design

Galgo has expanded the range of its Urban Pre-Q product line with the new Metropolitan Bus (MB) tread design.

This tread comes in a width of 9 4/8” (240 mm) and a depth of 19/32” (15 mm).

The MB tread is one of the best options for tire retreading in urban applications because its wide rim rib design provides extensive road contact. This feature delivers greater stability, increased safety, and improved mileage. In addition, the MB tread is ideal for passenger transportation and offers outstanding functionality and mileage for articulated buses operating in urban applications.

Galgo in the North American Tire & Retread Expo

Pre-Q Galgo participated in the North American Tire & Retread Expo (NATRE) held from April 19-21, 2016 in New Orleans, LA. The exhibition featured tire retreading materials, new tire manufacturers, recycling equipment, accessories, and various services related to the American tire industry. During the expo, Pre-Q Galgo introduced two new tire sizes for Regional Service application with the All Position Regional (APR) tread design, thus expanding their product line to nine sizes ranging in width from 190mm to 270mm (74” to 105”). The APR tread design is one of the best options because it provides great mileage during medium and long-haul trips, excellent traction, and low rolling resistance.

Pre-Q Galgo also introduced a new OTread size stemming from its Versa Tread (VT) line. The VT product line now features three sizes ranging in width from 470mm to 610mm (184”-240 inches”). This tread provides excellent traction and self-cleaning due to its rock ejectors. Additional highlights of the NATRE event were the Miss Retread Tire and the Mr. OTR Radial Retread Tire Contests. The Miss Retread Contest awarded the top three companies who featured the most beautiful retreaded precured and mold cured truck and bus radial (TBR) tires produced for commercial use, while the Mr. OTR Radial Retread Tire Contest awarded the top company who featured the most beautiful OTR retreaded tire. The Mr. OTR Contest was open to all OTR radial retread tires up to 25 inches, and both precured and mold cured retreaded tires produced for commercial OTR use and sale were eligible to compete. Judging for both contests took place on April 20, 2016, and Pre-Q Galgo’s Vice President, Mr. Eduardo Nava, gratefully accepted the opportunity to serve as one of the judges for the Miss Retread contest. Pre-Q Galgo was honored to be represented by having its rubber products used in the retread designs of three of the contest participants, and extends their congratulations to the following individuals: Mike Berra with Community Tire Retreading, Bob and Rob Majewski with Sumerel Tire, and Jordan Hiemspra and Earl Kemps with Wonderland Tire Company. Mike Berra Jr. from Community Tire Retreading, who featured a 20.5 R25 mold cure tire using OTR Pre-Q Galgo Premium Strip Compound, was the winner of The Mr. OTR Retread Tire Contest, and received a prize of $5,000.

The Pre-Q Galgo sales team and technicians are proud to provide products such as this which help customers achieve the best quality retread possible.

Galgo Partners with Clean Industry Initiative

Galgo is very proud of our ongoing commitment to act as a socially responsible company in the areas of environmental preservation and conservation. Our dedication to maintaining compliance with applicable state environmental regulations across all aspects of our company, in conjunction with the improvements we continually make to our quality management systems with respect to safety, industrial hygiene, and environmental management, have made us a role model in the industry. As a result of our efforts, Galgo has been invited to partner with the Hidalgo State Government, and other industries located along the Tula-Tepeji corridor, in the National Environmental Audit Program, an effort help reduce and reverse the damage and negative environmental impacts in that area. The Tula-Tepeji corridor has been recognized as an area experiencing a high level of negative environmental impact, pollution, and damages to the ecosystem, and requires action from the local industries to help reverse this situation. Therefore, the Federal Government, together with state and local authorities, has implemented the Clean Industry Certification to recognize companies who demonstrate that they can be productive in their industry while also implementing and practicing effective environmental and health and safety standards designed to make a positive impact on the welfare of the environment and the surrounding community.

Back in early August 2015, an external audit was conducted which confirmed that Galgo’s business and production processes were in compliance with the required standards for environmental sustainment, and we remain confident that our efforts over the past year will once again show the strong commitment we have to the clean industry effort. Just this past May, Galgo participated in our first reforestation campaign and proudly donated 30 trees which were planted in the Atitalaquia Municipality with the help of 57 Galgo employees and family members who happily committed 171 hours of volunteer time to this effort.

Galgo Launches New Designs at Reifen

Galgo once again participated in the Reifen Trade Fair, held from May 24-27, 2016 in Essen, Germany. Reifen, considered the world’s leading tire industry trade fair, certainly did not disappoint, showcasing several top tire industry innovators and trendsetters, and featuring many new and unique products and services including: tires for all types of vehicles and implements, recycling equipment, accessories, tools, tire retreading manufacturers, and various other items related to the tire and retread industry across Europe and around the world.

One of the biggest highlights of the fair for Galgo, was the launch of their two new tread designs, the SRL (Super Single Rib Light), created for highway application, and the GRL (Galgo Rounded Shoulder Light), created for regional application. In addition, Galgo introduced a new OTRead size stemming from its OTR VT (Versa Tread) line. This tread has many benefits including a low rolling resistance compound that not only generates less pollution but also helps conserve fuel thus meeting SmartWay approval.

Present at the Galgo exhibit were company sales representatives who oversee various regions across Europe, as well as directors from the company headquarters located in Mexico. During the four day fair, Galgo representatives embraced the opportunity to meet with a large number of attendees and not only share the wide range of products and services the company provides, but also to gather feedback from individuals on what works well for them and how Galgo can better meet consumers’ needs.

Galgo, a proud participant of Reifen since 2000, has experienced great success in Europe over the years and has consistently grown their customer base, acquiring clientele from across Europe and other parts of the world as a result of the great exposure they have been able to achieve at this fair. Additionally, they have become well known for their excellent quality products and services, which are currently offered by only a few other companies in the retread market.